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Meet Liz

Meet Liz

Hey Y'all!  I'm Liz and I am so excited  you are here! Haven House Properties came to be from my love of houses, interior design, antiques and functional, yet cozy, spaces. It parallels my journey in life.

A Minden, Louisiana native, my favorite school project was on 1800's Louisiana  houses.  My parents even  took me down the River Road, just outside of Baton Rouge, my birthplace, to see each one. A dream come true!  From there, I continued  my love of architecture and design everywhere I  lived.  Whether it was a college dorm room, newlywed apartment, first time house or larger home, I always used what I brought with me in a new and different way based on the dimensions of the new space and how we wanted to use it.

"Function over fashion" has been my motto through through the years, yet the "fashion" of the space is equally as important. It's has to  look  good and function well.  When my life took an unexpected turn, I discovered from a place of despair also comes  a drive to overcome!  I somehow found  every house has it's story, much like we as people do, and I have a unique ability to see that story and each place's potential.  My husband calls our houses my " coloring books" and ya' know what? He's right! It brings me so much joy to "color" each place to reveal its unique story!


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